Dutch Course

Due to internationalization and other factors, an increasing amount of people have been travelling to the Netherlands on a long-term basis for work or other purposes. These people often have little to no knowledge of the Dutch language, which makes it harder for them to fully integrate within the country. Our Dutch courses can help these people improve their Dutch communication skills, and thus help them communicate more efficiently during work and real life.

Our Dutch course is suitable for participants that have little to no knowledge of the Dutch language and would like to improve on this. In this course, participants will learn the basics of the Dutch language within a short period of time. Together with our certified NT2-teacher they will develop and improve their Dutch speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Course contents

In our course Dutch, participants will learn by means of weekly sessions with our NT2-teacher. These sessions will be complemented by the participants through independent study in either a workbook or an app. The students will apply what they have learned in these sessions in their daily life. Some of the subjects that the participants will learn about include: 

  • Learning and working 
  • Traffic transport and travel 
  • Media and communication 
  • Subjects that participants talk about in their daily life such as hobbies, family, food, sports, clothing and more 

Why choose for a Dutch course at Spring Instituut?

Improved communication and effectiveness 
Effectiveness in the workplace is dependent on good communication. Participants that follow a Dutch course at Spring Instituut will be able to improve their Dutch communication skills, and therefore be able to communicate better in the workplace and their daily life. 

Flexible and personal 
When participants start with a Dutch course, a NT2-teacher from Spring Instituut will personally visit them for their weekly lessons. Additionally, participants will study independently through either a workbook or an app. This gives the participants the flexibility to follow a part of the course at their own pace. 

Our Dutch courses can always be customized upon request. We are able to tailor the course to the needs of the participants. This could be done by, for example, changing the duration, schedule or contents of the course. 

How does it work?

Step 1 
Our Dutch course starts with a non-committal intake consisting of a test and a short interview. During this intake a NT2-teacher will determine the Dutch language levels of the participants. 

Step 2  
Based on the results of the intake and the current Dutch language level of the participants the NT2-teacher will draw up an advice for the program and contents of the course.  

Step 3  
When the participants have agreed to this advice it is possible to start with the course and weekly sessions with the NT2-teacher. These sessions will be held at a location of the participants choosing. 

Step 4  
After the participants have completed the course successfully, they will receive a certificate. We will also discuss the possibilities of taking a follow-up course in the future. 


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